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There is no absolute infertility!

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  • Surrogacy and Egg Donation. Why Ukraine?

  • Best surrogate mother will carry your healthy child.

  • Multilanguage staff makes clients stay in clinic more comfortable.

  • Clinic has a wide database of donors who meet all individual requirements of clients.

  • Our doctors use the latest techniques and best methods with the help of which they achieve positive results of the IVF programs.

  • Couples of any age can find happiness of parenthood in BioTexCom.

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We safe to say that there is no absolute infertility!

International demand for reproductive medicine triggers proportional interest in BioTexCom clinic. It’s growing rapidly. There’s a simple explanation for this. Average age of intended parents is constantly increasing whereas reproductive age predetermined by nature remains unchanged. Year after year, reproductologists’ services become more and more wanted. BioTexCom combines all advantages of reproductive medicine clinic that are most crucial for the majority of patients.

Program fees. The joy of parenting may cost a pretty penny for intended parents all over the world. Some people simply can’t afford it, especially if two, three or even more attempts are needed. BioTexCom makes this simple happiness affordable for almost everyone. We set unprecedented low price for economy package with no extra fees throughout all the program and provide guaranteed result. Currently, our surrogacy and egg donation programs’ fees are officially the lowest in the world.

Quality of medical and related services. BioTexCom is located in Ukraine. This is a country of unique peculiarities that allowed forming a unique price-quality balance. Ukraine possesses broad medical base that embraces unique methods, international level universities that educate great amount of students. University education is funded by state. It guarantees university education for the most talented students, not the richest. Qualified education, practice and new technology place Ukrainian gynecologists and reproductologists among the best specialists in the world. Ukrainian medicine is a symbiosis of self-funded and state-funded services. Thus, doctors can practice a lot, continue education and master their skills in the best clinics all over the world. Compared to other countries, middle class layer is very minor in Ukraine. The majority of population is either very poor or very rich people. That’s why infrastructure and sphere of service for rich Ukrainians has been developed for relatively low cost.
All these factors allow us offering our clients unique price-quality balance services: medical service that includes the program itself, prenatal and postnatal care, supervision of manager who speaks your language, accommodation in “elite” class apartments, healthy meals, entertainment and excursions.
Kiev is the capital of Ukraine. Here you can find restaurants from the world gastronomic guides. Moreover, you can evaluate high quality of dental clinics, private medical establishments, beauty salons and museums. The prices are minor if compared to European ones. You don’t need registration or insurance to use services of any private medical or dental clinic here in Ukraine.
“All-inclusive” system. This is a basic principle guaranteed by each of our packages. It means that the price fixed in your contract is final and includes everything needed for successful finishing of your program. You only need to buy air tickets. All other expenses are covered by the clinic.
Guaranteed result. It means that in any case you travel back home with your baby. In case of failed attempt, we’ll keep trying again and again. Moreover, we cover all relevant expenses. We’re sure in our professionalism that’s why we offer 100% result.
High success level indicators. BioTexCom has been providing its services for almost 10 years. Now our public image can be briefly characterized as “the last bastion” for couples that lost any hope after previous failures. The reason is in unique methods, comprehensive tests package and unique approach to treatment. We have no age limits for our patients. The only reason for refusal can be medical indications. In this case, you’ll be advised other infertility treatment method. More than 80% of successful protocols granted us trust and gratitude of dozens thousands happy families.
Wide base of genetic material base and surrogate mothers.  Years of practice allowed us forming a wide high-quality base of auxiliary participants of infertility treatment procedures. That’s why your treatment can start immediately after delivery of medical tests. If you have medical indications for using donor genetic material, we offer you a unique opportunity – you can choose your donor. To facilitate your choice, you’ll be provided with all possible information about donors: height and weight, character traits, education and family background information (from video interview), and also photos and 3D panorama and video. As to surrogate mothers, we monitor their health, lifestyle, habits and entertainment 24/7.

BioTexCom is the place where happiness is born.


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